I’m Lana, I will teach you NLP techniques so you too can rewire your mind!

I am a Critical Care Registered Nurse, a Holistic Health coach, 1:1 coach, retreat facilitator and more.

From all my experience, work and personal, I have seen that the quality of your life directly relates to the health of your mind, thats where all your decisions are made!

SO, do you need help? Feeling lost, stuck, overwhelmed? Have that annoying feeling holding you back? 

Using neuro linguistic programming techniques & processes, we will hack/rewire your unconscious mind! 

—->all in just 4 sessions.

Follow the link below if you’re curious and ready to get started!

THE name & purpose

Permitting you to put yourself FIRST!

Bring you back to your core, your power, to your center!

In your sessions, you are in a hypothetical centre, where we reset your neurology!

“You spend most of your life inside your head, make it a nice place to be”
– Jim Kwik




Are you experiencing emotional overwhelm and overreacting in situations? Feel out of control of your emotions and don’t know why?

Release the root cause of negative emotions anger, sadness, fear, hurt and guilt. Experience clearing your neurology and have mental capacity to control your emotions and even decide how you will react in situations!

Let go, easily and effortless and allow your unconscious mind to flow with learnings specifically for you.

       In session you will?
  • Releasing dense emotions that overwhelm your mind
  • Experience deep healing from past lives, genealogically and this life
  • Heal specific traumatic events
  • Delete limitations, that block you, and cause you to self sabotage
  • Reveal & let go of the painful beliefs that have been holding you back for years
  • Hack your internal programming


If you could believe anything about yourself what would it be..?

We can install that in the Belief Change- this is the most profound NLP process we do, and it quite literally changes the core belief that has held you back in that session. It’s that powerful, and it lasts.

What would your limiting belief be?

“I can’t do this..”
“I’m not good enough..”
“I am a failure”
“I don’t deserve love”
“I’m too lazy..” and so on.

You can be who you are supposed to be now!

Reconnect back to your core, your true self, your purpose and live fully & completely 

      In session you will?
  • Delete the limiting belief that has been fed since you were a child
  • Installing anything you want to believe about yourself 
  • Experience clarity & understanding of your own mind and patterns
  • Instantly feel free, lighter


Want to know what it feels like to harmonise your conscious and unconscious mind?

You need to change the way you currently think about a problem/situation right? Otherwise you wouldn’t notice it getting in your way.

Open your perspective

Discover filters

Change your internal dialogue

Move from powerless to powerful

Discover the meaning of your life

The internal programming we have causes us to do behaviours we don’t want! Our filters can often block our awareness so we don’t even notice the behaviours until the consequence part!

In session you will?

  • Open mental blockages
  • Mind opening tools & techniques
  • How to speak to your unconscious mind
  • How to control your conscious mind
  • Mental skills to control and develop growth and resilience within your mind

Are you ready for change?

Fill out this questionnaire to let me learn about you today

Steps to Success

Step 1

Decide you want change due to...

lack of self belief
feeling lost
lack direction
self sabotaging
low self confidence
experiencing inner conflict
emotional overwhelm
have a phobia
anxious about a specific event
inner child trauma curious have a goal

Step 2


Spend time with yourself completing my questionnaire for you, & hit send!

I will contact you & design custom sessions with the right processes for you!
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Step 3

Start your 1:1 online sessions

4 x 60 minute sessions private calls with me



Post session summary emails with take homes and customised mental skills for you!

It's all about YOU, your life and creating the change you want

Step 4

Have the life you

Be the driver of your mind, take back the control to then have the freedom to create the life you want

Live with your conscious & unconscious mind in harmony

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How I can

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