Welcome! I’m Lana, and I am here to show you how to get that life you want!!

Do you need help? I will help you help yourself to regain your power, so you can create the life you truly want to be living now!


Permitting you to put yourself FIRST!

Bring you back to your core, your power, to your center!

In your session with me, you are in a hypothetical centre, where we clean your neurology – clear what you don’t want to make space for what you do want!

“You spend most of your life inside your head, make it a nice place to be”
– Jim Kwik

What you will experience, every single session!



People often suffer from emotional outbursts or unfamiliar reactions and they do not know why.

Often people find NLP as talk therapy hasn’t worked, because sometimes telling your story over and over can make the narrative stronger.

NLP is outcome driven, so it is interesting in getting you what you do want instead of being stuck in the narrative of what you don’t want.

What will my sessions get you?
  • Releasing heavy emotions linked to past experiences – anger, fear, guilt
  • Inner child work
  • Trauma healing
  • Stopping negative self talk
  • Letting go of your anxiety
  • Letting go of that limiting belief that holds you back


Notice you have a goal, but as you get older the distance from that goal doesn’t get any closer?

“One day Ill be able to do this when I am this weight, have this amount of money, after I finish this that I will be able to_______”

You can be who you are supposed to be now!

There is nothing wrong with you, you are ready now, life is challenging, but you are stronger than that!

You can reconnect back to your core and be you, do what you want, have the life you desire.

What will my sessions get you?
  • Installing an empowering belief
  • Understanding how your mind works so you can become the driver again
  • Harmonising conflicting thoughts
  • Goal setting – putting a future memory into your timeline so that your life unconscious shapes itself to achieve that goal


Change that negative internal dialogue…

“I can’t do this..”
“I’m not good enough to do this”
“Others are better than I am”
“I’ll never be able to do..”
“I’m just wired differently so I wont be able to..”
“I am not smart enough”
“I’m too lazy to…” and so on.

The internal programming is often the mechanism that is responsible for our outward expressions of emotions.

I will teach you how to talk to your brain, and tell it where you want it to go!

What will my sessions get you?
  • Perspective change
  • Move past personal constrictions
  • Transform your internal programming
  • Be liberated and propel into a full and enriching life
  • Deleting a decision you have made that restricts you and choosing a decision you want going forward!

Do you want results like these in your life? You can!

Fill out this questionnaire and permit yourself to put YOU first!

Steps to Success

Step 1

Identify the problem

• Have a limiting belief - not good enough? a failure?
• Self sabotaging??
• Carrying heavy and excess emotions?!
• Experiencing anxiety!!
• Constant conflicting problems?!
• Can’t work out what is holding you back?!
• Unable to set & keep on track with goals!!
• Simply fed up and want change!!!

Step 2


Fill out the quick online questionnaire and I will design custom sessions for you.

Book your sessions to get started!

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Step 3

Get Started

Get started, experience going to the "Centre You" !

Have 3 x 60 minute sessions with me, where it's all about YOU, your life and creating the change you want!

Step 4

Recreate Your Life

With the revelations and knowledge in place, go out and live it!

Feel centred, feel connected to your core and experience the freedom to be absolutely about YOU!
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How I can

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